our process

Our process is designed to minimize costs and keep your team involved in the creative process.

Read our walk-through below to learn about our project pipeline. With our experience, we’re able to customize the steps based on timeline and budget to ensure deadlines are met and expectations are exceeded.

prep to receiving a bid

1  Tell. Us. Everything.

Download our Project Jumpstart Guide  and answer the questions as best as you can. We recognize that you may not have all of the answers right now, and that’s okay - just provide as much information as you can and we’ll help you figure out the rest.

2  Gather Inspiration

Sometimes it’s really hard to describe in words what you are looking to accomplish. Finding videos, images, stories, music, etc. that resonate with you can sometimes communicate better and easier than words. Many of our clients find it most efficient to simply share a Pinterest board with us. Using your references as a guide, we’ll start to developing art direction, timeline, and budget for your custom video.

3  Prepare a Simple Outline

You don’t need any writing experience to start. Download our simple fill-in-the-blank template Script Outline Primer.

Creating a script for motion graphics is a little different than just simply writing narration for a voice over. Things that should be accounted for are how the visuals and script work together, duration, overall tone, and call to action.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with where to start your script, don’t stress, just provide us with what you can. You can tag us in later to pick up the script where you’ve left off.

receive a bid


We’ll circle our troop of digital artists, compositors, copywriters, editors, motion designers, 3D animators, and illustrators to gather timelines and budgets based on your desired execution.

As our team starts to dig deeper through the specifics of your project, we’ll probably have a few clarifying questions. Some of them will be tougher than others, but we’ll do our best to help you understand the implications of each one.

We’ll create a very specific project proposal tailored to your video that outlines every step of the process, including proposed delivery dates for each phase and what you can expect for each of those deliverables. We take our deadlines deathly serious.


Once we have signed contracts (which we can provide) we’ll begin production! Below, we’ve described some of the main deliverables that we generally deliver throughout the lifespan of the project.


1  SCRIPT, VOICE over, & music

Once we have a script that has been approved by all appropriate parties on your end, we begin auditions for the perfect voice talent for your project. We provide a few different options that you can listen to before committing to any specific direction. After the live recording session (which you can dial into), we cut together a few watermarked music tracks with the voice over laid on top so that you can select the music track that works best.


We will provide you with a few static images to show you how the final animation will look. It’s like taking a trip into the future of your animation, hitting the pause button, and taking a screen grab. This helps you understand the end goal of the video.


After receiving style frames, we then put together enough pencil sketches to outline the entire script in a visual language. The storyboard will help you visualize the general flow and composition of the final animation.


Before we can start animating artwork, we need to create flesh out the artwork. In this phase, we build every unique visual needed to produce your video that hasn’t already been created in early steps of the pipeline.


This is where we make the magic happen!  First we start with an animatic. An animatic, in its essence, is the storyboard roughly animated and combined with the music and voice over. An animatic is nice because it allows us to get the overall timing and flow of the final video without committing your budget to animating things that might have looked good during the storyboard phase but aren’t as strong when fully animated. After the animatic is delivered and you’ve given feedback, we provide as many rounds of revisions to the animation as budget and timeline permit at increasing levels of production.


At each stage we’ll ask for comprehensive feedback. Small course corrections along the way can saves the project from complicated expensive changes later.


We add sound effects, finesse the music, level out the voice over, tighten up the edit, and bring all animation to a high polish.



With careful planning and open communication, we’ll have successfully worked through each phase of our detailed, yet simple process.

By following our production pipeline, we ensure an animated motion graphic video that makes you proud, exceeds your marketing goals, and makes you excited to share.

in conclusion

We love creating engaging and award winning motion graphic videos and delivering on brand promises. Together, let us help you navigate the processes effectively the first time.

And just so you don’t have to scroll up, here are links to some of our resources that will save you time and give you the jump start with your next motion graphics video project. Thanks for making to the end of our process write-up. Hopefully it’s been helpful to you and we’d love to collaborate with you on your next animated video!

Project Jumpstart | Outline Primer | Request a proposal