case study // life after death

Bonneville Communications reached out to produce an explainer video that could be shared on social media. Instead of doing a whiteboard video, Nocturnal presented the concept of having a character driven animation. Except for the script, Nocturnal was responsible for the extensive character design, background development, storyboards, color treatment, and animation.



Character design

The characters needed to be designed in a way that would allow for maximum efficiency when animating. Because of the up-front planning, we were also able to repurpose a singular bone system with minor tweaks for each character.


STORYBOARDS / color treatment

Once the script was broken into segments, storyboards were created based on the artistic direction of vibrant solid colors with minimal background as to not distract from the main character's presentation. To signify changes in location and time, clever transitions and foreground objects were used.


Building the character's bone system (called rigging) requires a lot of technical expertise. Without the rigs, the characters wouldn't have the amount of flexibility necessary required to bring them to life in such an organic way. Primitive character rigs are done by daisy chaining elements of the character together like in example A. But with our advanced rigging techniques, we allow our animations to by more dynamic and appealing.